Polydoor Lippens the inventor of the electric doorbell

Polydoor Lippens was born on March 16, 1810 in Eeklo, Belgium. He graduated as an engineer after studying in Brussels and Paris. In 1850 he invented the vibrating mechanism for the electric bell, the vibrator. The patent for this was challenged by several other inventors, but eventually it was awarded to Lippens in Paris in 1858.

From 1850 to 1866 he worked for the Belgian Railways and at that time he filed nine patents associated with improvements in telegraphy. Later he became the physics teacher of the children of King Leopold I.  He returned to his hometown Eeklo in 1863. In 1869 he became a knight in the Leopolds Order.

The St Nicholas square in Antwerp

The St. Nicholas square is located at the place where the former Falconinnen sisters established a God house in 1422. The God house was used by the craftsmen of the Meerseniers guild, that were the shoemakers, tailors, tinsmiths and grocers of the city. Their main activity was to care for the needy, elderly or sick members of the guild together with the sisters. Till 1842 there were still members of the guild living in the houses round the little square.

The chapel of the God house was built  in 1423 and dedicated to Saint Nicholas, the patron saint of the Meerseniers. In the middle of the square there is a statue of him. The Chapel closed in 1876 and was first used as a carpet storage and later as a Puppet theater. The entire complex was thoroughly renovated and restored by architect F. Van Averbeke between 1958 and 1968. Today the Saint Nicholas Square is mainly used by small local theater makers who have their theaters there.

You can find the St. Nicholas Square at this address: St. Nicholasplein 1, Antwerp. 

The horse fountain in Bruges

Close to the romantic Minnewater park and just past the bridge of the Beguinage you can find this horse fountain. The fountain with the known horse heads is  specially made for the horses in Bruges. 

Horse coach rides in the Bruges city center are very popular by the numerous domestic and foreign tourists. All tours start and end at the market square, but they all pass alongside the fountain on there way, making sure the horses are able to drink if they want to.

You can find the fountain at this address: Wijngaardstraat, Bruges.