Brussels introduces first 100% electric horse carriage for tourists

The very first fully electric carriage arrived on Brussels' Grand Place. No horse to pull the carriage, but a completely silent electric motor. This new attraction offers tourists a unique way to explore the city without horses. The electric carriage, the brainchild of former operator Thibault Danthine, replaces the traditional horse-drawn carriages that were discontinued in 2022. Danthine decided to stop because of a staff shortage and criticism of the use of horses. "Carriages represent an era that is no longer in line with the expectations of our time, but the pleasure of discovering the city in this way remains great," he says.

Picture: Pixabay

Brussels is the first European city to use these electric carriages for tourism. Tourists can choose from different routes for €70 per group, taking them past landmarks such as the Kunstberg, the Stock Exchange, and Manneken Pis. Without horses, more places and streets are accessible.

In addition to the first carriage unveiled, a second carriage will start operating in the summer of 2024. In total, Brussels has ordered three electric carriages. This introduction marks an innovative step for tourism in Brussels, where sustainability and heritage go hand in hand.

About the electric carriage

* The carriage is made of aluminum and can seat up to 6 people.

* It has a range of 100 km and is recharged at night at the stables.

* The carriage is equipped with a GPS system and an audio guide available in several languages.