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The little monkey of Mons

On the facade of the town hall of Mons, you can find a statue of a monkey, it is the most famous monkey in the whole country. The bronze monkey fits comfortably in your hands. According to a legend, if you stroke the animal's head, you can make a wish. Picture by Pixabay The only condition is that it has to be a modest wish, so don't go for the big money. If you succeed and the monkey is in a good mood, your wish could come true within a year. Be careful what you wish for. A long time ago, the Mons monkey was a pillory. Naughty children were tied to it as punishment.
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The city of Mons

The city of Mons is located in the south of Belgium, it is a surprisingly beautiful and lively city. The city of Mons is spread over five mountains. Mons, French for mountains, owes its name to these mountains. Photo by Alexis Mette on Unsplash The old town of Bergen in particular is a joy to explore. In the center is the Grand Place, the main square which is graced by several typical buildings spanning over a period of 400 years, dating back from the 15th to 18th centuries. In particular, the Toison d'Or House of 1615 and the Chapel of St. George of 1604 are two architectural highlights of the city. The protected bell tower above the city and the church of Sainte-Waudru with its interior full of artistic and religious relics are also two of the main attractions. But o ne of the most beautiful buildings is perhaps the 15th-century town hall. On summer days, the pleasant square is filled with terraces. Photo by Aleksandr Kadykov on Unsplash There are almost no large internationa

The Castle of the Counts in Ghent

Het Gravensteen or the Castle of the Counts is a medieval fortress in the heart of the city with narrow tower stairs, strong battlements, rooms that appeal to the imagination, and a magnificent view over the city of Ghent. The castle owes its existence to the counts of Flanders. In the ninth century, Count Baldwin II built fortifications in all strategic places in his empire to protect himself against attacks from outside. His son, Arnulf I, continues his work. The Castle of the Counts is still one of the remaining buildings of that time. Picture by Pixabay The Gravensteen has never been a full-time residence for the counts. They only stayed there when the count's royal household is in Ghent. The castle was actually mainly the administrative center of the county. The count's administration was located there and they administered justice. Besides a court of law, the Castle of the Counts was also a prison. The semi-underground cells that are housed in it are damp and drafty and

The origin of the Duffel bag and coat

The origin of the name Duffel bag comes from Duffel, a town in Flanders, Belgium, where the thick duffel cloth used to make the bag originated in the 17th century. The Duffle coat also has the same connection with the Belgian town of Duffel. Picture by Pixabay In a dictionary, you will find Duffel as a generic name. A heavy, rough fabric. In addition, almost all dictionaries also refer to the place name Duffel. Centuries ago, a sheet fabric of the same quality label was woven there. Centuries later, the Duffel quality was still so famous that the well-known English winter coat with the toggle closure was called the Duffel coat. Both were originally made for the military, but the duffle coat and bag still inspire today's fashion designers to create more trendy models with more contemporary accessories for bags, jacket closures, collars, hems, and so on.

Hollywood's top stylist is an Belgian

Stijn Helsen is not only the designer behind the Spiderman outfit but also the outfits for Pirates of the Caribbean, Seabiscuit, and many other major Hollywood productions are done by his hands. Stijn Helsen's work for Spiderman After successful studies and training in Liège and Milan, Stijn soon received several proposals as a freelance designer. He mainly worked for houses such as Vivienne Westwood, Valentino, and Joseph and today maintains a whole series of international contacts. He regularly dresses Hollywood stars for red carpets and other ceremonies, including Keanu Reeves and Lenny Kravitz. Stijn Helsen's designs for Pirates Of The Caribbean In Belgium he takes care of the styling of the royal family, he was also chosen to design the outfits of the Belgian athletes during the Olympic Games in London. Stijn Helsen comes from a family of fashion designers, Hasselt is the designer's home front, he has 3 boutiques there, the A concept store, a studio dedicated to women

Take a track bike in Antwerp

In the north of Antwerp, you can ride a modified railway bike on an old railway line, just to be clear, this track is no longer used by real trains. Picture courtesy of the Province of Antwerp You can use two different kinds of track bikes, one for a maximum of 5 people or one for 12 people. You cycle on the same single track back and forth with a break between the two rides. First, you pedal about 5 km from the municipality of Kapellen to that of Brasschaat, where you can rest, have something to eat and drink, or continue exploring the area for an hour. Afterward, you leave in the opposite direction again from Brasschaat to Kapellen. It is a beautiful and unique route that passes through a nature reserve and old military domain. Reservations are required and can be made via this website . The rental prices vary between 40 and 90 euros

The Apparition of the Virgin Mary in Beauraing

Beauraing is a village in the Belgian Ardennes. In 1932 it had about 2,000 inhabitants with a church, a boys' school, two girls' schools, and the ruins of an old castle. At the end of that year, something happened that stirred the spirits of all of Belgium and the surrounding countries: The Virgin Mary is said to have appeared there to 5 children from two different families. The first apparition took place on November 29, 1932. Fernande (15 years) and Albert Voisin (11 years) go with their girlfriend Andrée (14 years) and Gilberte Degeimbre (9 years) to pick up their sister Gilberte Voisin (13 years) from school. While they are waiting in front of the boarding house, Albert suddenly sees a lady dressed in white floating in the room above the Lourdes Grotto. When he screams, the others also see the white figure. The sister who opens the door kindly says that an image cannot move and they imagine it. The children run home in fear. The parents admonish them not to tell anyone abo