The Felix Warehouse in Antwerp

This warehouse in neo-classical style was built in 1858 to a design by architect Felix Pauwels on behalf of the Compagnie Générale de Matériels de Chemin de Fer. The warehouse was used to store bulk goods such as sugar, tobacco, tea and coffee, hops, grain, cheese and wine. The warehouse has a stacking surface of 22 405 m2 and comprises two wings connected by an inner corridor topped by a glass roof.The complex had an eventful history. After a fire in 1861, it was rebuilt with the addition of a glazed passage between two streets, the Oudeleeuwenrui and the Godefriduskaai. During the reconstruction commissioned by the Societé and Commandité de l'Entrepot, existing building elements such as the cast-iron columns on which wooden nut beams rest were recovered. The building continued to function as a warehouse until 1975.In 2006 the building was given the function of the Antwerp city archive: the “Felix Archive”, after a thorough renovation by the Robbrecht & Daem architectural fir…

The roof terrace of the MAS museum

The MAS, the "Museum aan de Stroom", is located in the 't Eilandje district - within walking distance of the Historical Center. It is one of the places you must have been in Antwerp. Some of the exhibitions in the MAS change, but the basic collection of this museum tells the story of Antwerp and its relationship with water and its port. If you don't want to visit the museum, you can take the escalators upstairs to the free panorama terrace on the tenth floor.The view is amazing. You have a view of the marina in the willem dock on one side and the old town and the Scheldt river on the other. So From here you have a beautiful 360 degree view of the city and its ports. Especially around sunset it is a good place to be.In and around 't Eilandje you will find some nice and good restaurants, but also many terraces for sunny days. Be sure to also take a look at new porthouse a little further, a beautiful piece of architecture that combines the old with the new. Also tak…

The Cottage of Majutte

This authentic preserved and classified fisherman's house is located in the town of Blankenberge at the Belgian coast. It has been reopened to the public after 20 years of closure.Its a place where you can take a leap in time where the city Blankenberge did not yet exist. It seems as if the city was built around it afterwards. The rear facade of this house was originally immediately located in the dunes and facing the sea. The fishing boats were on the beach in front of the backdoor. They once lived here with a family of 14. Now it is a cozy museum café with dozens of objects on display that were donated by visitors, among others.When you visit the house you will be welcomed with stories from the past and get a idea of the daily life at that time. The cottage offers many fun activities for young and old. An informative multilingual photo quest and a search for the 14 escaped mice!A visit to the museum is free, the only requirement is that you have a drink in the cozy cafe. This ca…

The highest point of Belgium

The highest point in Belgium is the Signal de Botrange in the province of Liège. It is actually a small hill of 694 meters high but a staircase with a platform was built over it to get the point to 700 meters. It is not very special, but it is one of the fun things to do in Belgium when you are in the area.Signal Botrange lies in the nature reserve of the Hautes Fagnes. Two other high hills in the area are the baraque Michel (674 m) and the baraque de Fraiture (652 m). In the winter months you can sometimes ski or cross-country ski in the area.There is of course much more to discover in this area, the Ardennes! Beauty, nature at its best, interspersed with picturesque villages, cafes, restaurants with local products. The Ardennes also have a great history, ranging from knights and famous crusaders to legendary events during the first and second world war.

The Merry Velodrome of Blankenberge

With around 70 bicycles, "De Lustige Velodroom" or the "The Merry Velodrome" has been an attraction for young and old on the beach of the Belgian coastal city of Blankenberg since 1933.For years this has been a popular thing to do for many holidaymakers on the coast, The attraction is located near the pier and consists of a wooden cycling track on which you can cycle around to your heart's content, not on regular bicycles however, no that would be too easy, the so-called 'crazy' bicycles are adapted bicycles that can give your tour a completely different twist! Sometimes difficult to ride, but certainly a lot of fun!Feel free to drop by and take your ride on the craziest bikes in the world. The attraction is also open to groups and companies who want to offer a unique activity to members or staff. More information can be found here.

Your own cabin on the beach

A beach cabin is a wooden very small cabin, usually placed on a wooden foundation, on the beach along the dune edge at the coast. The cabins are built in spring and dismantled in autumn due to the stormy weather in winter. It is used as a changing cabin and as a closed place for beach equipment.
Beach cabins can often be found on the beaches of the Belgian coastal cities, they are part of the Belgian tourist culture. Although it is a tradition for some to own their own cabin on the beach during their stay, there is a lot involved in renting a beach cabin on the Belgian coast. There are often serious price differences and long waiting lists.You don't really need a cabin like this unless you use a lot of beach equipment during vacation. Anyway, the cabins sometimes give a very typical Belgian touch to your holiday.

Why Belgians eat their world famous fries with mayonnaise

Everyone should know by now that fries are originally Belgian and not French. But what far fewer people know is the reason why Belgians prefer to eat their fries with mayonnaise and not with ketchup as they are so often offered in fast food restaurants and food stands around the world.Ketchup has had a prominent place in our sauces rack for years, but when it comes to eating fries, you better go for mayonnaise. And here is the reason why: The taste of the fries is emphasized by mayonnaise, while ketchup is predominant because of the strong tomato flavor, they practically ruin the taste of the fries by giving them a sour taste.
The original recipe for this mayonnaise is simple. Its made with eggs, sunflower oil, vinegar, pepper and salt. Sometimes with a little lemon juice, but never with sugar.So now you know why the Belgians eat their world famous fries with mayonnaise and not with ketchup.