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The largest peel and fries slicer in the world

Everyone should know by now that fries are Belgian and not French, so they are referred to as Belgian fries and not French fries, you should adjust the pronunciation if you haven't done that already. The most modern and largest Belgian factory in Europe is, of course, in Belgium. 3.5 million kilograms of fries a week roll off the production line in the small town of Poperinge. Aviko is the global market leader in refrigerated chips and one of the four largest potato processing companies in the world, they mainly produce frozen chips for the whole of Europe. Colossal steam engines peel potatoes in seconds, a river of potatoes goes through cutting machines at 90 per hour, and robots scan day and night for defects and black dots, so that only perfect fries remain real Belgian fries.
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From a square of death to a square of birth

In the city of Ghent, there is a square that used to be known as the square of death. In the Middle Ages and even long after, all kinds of executions were carried out on the market square. The square is just in front of the centuries-old Castle of the Counts. and has the name Veerleplein. From 1407 until the end of the 18th century, the square served as a court for criminals. It was the only place of punishment in Flanders for counterfeiters. The fact that counterfeiters were punished here had to do with the location of the count's mint in nearby Gravensteen. The counterfeiters were thrown into a cauldron of boiling oil or boiling water. On March 17, 1540, nine of the leaders of the Ghent Revolt were beheaded here by order of Emperor Charles V. Five more followed on May 4. The same fate was suffered here, by Jan van Hembyse, one of the leaders of the Ghent Republic in 1584. Picture by Mith Now that Ghent is mainly a tourist city and executions are a thing of the past, the city cou

The Belgian apartment in Buckingham Palace

Did you know that there is a Belgian apartment inside Buckingham Palace? Buckingham Palace is known as the administrative headquarters of the British monarchy. Although the immense palace was not Queen Elisabeth's favorite residence, it was her official residence. Some of the 775 rooms together form the Belgian Suite, an apartment where the Queen herself lived with Prince Philip. Her two youngest sons, Andrew and Edward were born there. Later she accommodated her most distinguished guests in the apartment, such as Barack Obama, George Bush senior and George Bush junior, Ronald Reagan, and Gerald Ford. Picture by Pixabay The Belgian Suite is a reminder of the strong ties between the British and Belgian royal families that go back to the first Belgian King Leopold I.  Even after his coronation as King of Belgium, Leopold I often visited Buckingham Palace to visit his beloved niece, Queen Victoria. He always stayed in the same apartment. Because the King of the Belgians stayed there

From a drug alley to an overwhelming art center

Kopstraatje, a small street between the Kammenstraat and the Nationalestraat in Antwerp, was known for years as the home base of taggers, drug users, and addicts. In September 2012, however, this changed when artists gave this notorious alleyway a great makeover during a three-day graffiti jam, an initiative of Sketchual consisting of volunteers from youth center Kavka. At the initiative of the Kop organization, the Artists Supporting Platform, the Kopstraatje was further embellished in the autumn of 2014 by the Brazilian Onio, assisted by illustrators El Neoray and Vagabundos. Picture by Fred Romero Do you want to see special graffiti art in Antwerp? Then this is the place to be. Free to visit, close to the city center and very near to the famous Fashion Museum.

The city park of Lier

This modest city park in the small town of Lier is a real oasis of calm and beauty. You will find a highly valuable variety of tree species. In addition to native trees, there are also various exotics, such as the tree of heaven, the water cypress, the horse chestnut… Signs indicate which tree it is. You can stroll along the beautiful pond with white, rather high pedestrian bridges or enjoy a picnic on the lawn. Picture by Harry Fabel In the city park of Lier, there is also an adventure playground, sunbathing space, and a picnic area with a sun tent. The coffee house offers tasty snacks, drinks, and ice creams. Are you coming by bike? A public bicycle pump and repair kit are available if needed. The park is a short walk from the historic center of the city.

Discover the evolution of the computer in Namur

The NAM-IP museum in Namur is a special museum that helps you discover the origins and the different stages of the computer revolution through an illustrated timeline. The museum has a rich collection of electromechanical and electronic devices. Picture by Pixabay The emphasis is on pioneering computer science in Belgium, specific periods of which are further highlighted through temporary exhibitions. The NAM-IP Computer Museum is open Tuesday to Saturday and the first Sunday of each month, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. You can find their website here .

The Meuse Valley

The Meuse Valley is one of the most breathtaking places in Belgium, it is more or less the rural heart of the country. Picture by Pixabay The area around the river Meuse also offers the best opportunities for river trips. The landscape consists of a dense forest landscape interspersed with castle and fortress ruins on a hilltop. The small romantic towns on the waterfront make your visit a unique experience. and cities such as Namur and Dinant have a rich history. Picture by Pixabay The Meuse Valley is also the place to be for a large number of hiking and biking trails for travelers looking to add some activities to their vacation.