The most romantic hotel in the world

You need to be in Bruges, Belgium for a night of genuine romance.  Hotel Heritage, in the middle of the historic city, was voted the most romantic hotel in the world on the thirteenth edition of the World Luxury Hotel Awards.

The Bruges hotel, part of the Relais & Châteaux group, may call itself the "most romantic hotel in the world" since the award ceremony at the Arctic Treehouse Hotel in Finnish Lapland on 12 October.  The award is partly due to the classic, luxurious and romantic appearance of the hotel, but the commitment to corporate social responsibility was also mentioned during the award ceremony. 

The professional jury also took into account brand experience, location and - of course - the opinion of tourists.

Hotel Heritage, known since 1869, is located about fifty meters from the Grote Markt, it has 22 hotel rooms and suites and is happy to welcome guests to the restaurant Le Mystique.  There is a wellness area and a meeting room.  The hotel has won a total of nine prizes in recent years.  "It is again a great honor for the hotel and the team to receive this prestigious award of" Best Luxury Romantic Hotel in the World, "says owner Johan Creytens.

You can find the hotel at this address: Niklaas Desparsstraat 11, Brugge, Belgium.


The Delvaux house and store was founded in Brussels in 1829 by Charles Delvaux and has been at the forefront of luxury leather goods for almost two centuries now.

Thanks to its high quality, its uncompromising craftsmanship and the outstanding quality of its creations the bags of Delvaux are world famous fashion creations.

The first luxury leatherhouse in the world is one like no other.  In the hands of highly skilled leather workers, the bags become true masterpieces.

Delvaux bags are made from supple and durable calf leather sourced from tanneries in France and Italy. Delvaux is also renowned for its exotic leathers such as alligator, crocodile, python, lizard and ostrich. Each bag is made entirely by hand and worked on, from start to finish,
Soaked in Belgian surrealism, La Maison Delvaux interprets all its creations in a witty way by injecting each design with an unusual and unique style.

Today Delvaux is a proud and pure Belgian brand that you can find from Brussels to Hong Kong.

The Only Artifact On The Moon Is Belgian

What not many people know is that Belgian artist Paul Van Hoeydonck is the only artist in the world who has a work of art on the moon. The statuette fallen astronaut went with the Apollo 15 to the moon in 1971 and it is still there in the exact position that David Scott, the commander of the mission had put it in.

Picture Courtesy Of NASA 

The "Fallen Astronaut" came on the moon because the crew of the American Apollo 15 space mission wanted to make a personal gesture in honor of the American astronauts and Soviet cosmonauts who had given their lives for the development of space exploration. The then three recently killed cosmonauts of the Soviet mission Soyuz 11 reinforced this desire.

David Scott met Paul Van Hoeydonck at a food festival. Scott knew that Van Hoeydonck used the theme of space travel in his art and discussed the idea of a statue with him. This led to the agreement that Paul Van Hoeydonck would make a statue to place on the moon.

Van Hoeydonck received a number of design guidelines from David Scott. The statue had to be light and sturdy and be able to withstand the extreme temperature differences on the moon. The figurine also had to be gender-less nor appear to belong to a particular ethnic group. Because David Scott did not want to commercialize the space, the name of Paul Van Hoeydonck would not be made public.

Picture Courtesy Of NASA

On 2 August 1971, David Scott placed a memorial plaque on the moon at the end of the last space walk of the Apollo 15 mission. This contains the fourteen names of all the then known perished astronauts and cosmonauts. Scott placed the "Fallen Astronaut" statuette next to it in a fallen state.