Take a track bike in Antwerp

In the north of Antwerp, you can ride a modified railway bike on an old railway line, just to be clear, this track is no longer used by real trains.

Picture courtesy of the Province of Antwerp

You can use two different kinds of track bikes, one for a maximum of 5 people or one for 12 people. You cycle on the same single track back and forth with a break between the two rides. First, you pedal about 5 km from the municipality of Kapellen to that of Brasschaat, where you can rest, have something to eat and drink, or continue exploring the area for an hour. Afterward, you leave in the opposite direction again from Brasschaat to Kapellen.

It is a beautiful and unique route that passes through a nature reserve and old military domain. Reservations are required and can be made via this website. The rental prices vary between 40 and 90 euros


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