An English cottage on their apartment roof

On this roof in the City of Antwerp, you will find trees, hedges, an English cottage, a dovecote, and even a sheep stable with different kinds of animals.

Jan and Kristina Engels have made a perfect compromise between the city and the countryside in their home on the fifth floor. Their roof bears an English cottage complete with trees, hedges, and a real conservatory. The stable dwellers complete the rural home: sheep, chickens, and ducks trot against the backdrop of the Antwerp cathedral right in the center of the city.

Picture Google Maps

On Google Maps aerial footage, it looks like a small city park. But whoever stands at their door encounters the facades of a 5 story high warehouse from the 1930s. "This is our heaven", say the residents. It's got the best of two worlds, The busy city life and the harmony of nature and tranquility.