Go for the Curryworst Speciaal!

One of the most unique dishes in Belgium that you will certainly not find in any other country is a Curryworst Speciaal, (curry sausage special). This fast food dish consists of a fried frikandel, a meat composition with added spices in the shape of a sausage, which was previously cut open with a knife to fill it with finely shredded onion, mayonnaise, tomatoes ketchup, or curry ketchup after frying.

You can only find them in the unique fries shops along the Belgian roads or in the fries houses. The delicacy is one of the most sold snacks with Belgian fries. So, next time you're on the road and you get hungry, forget about the big chains like MacDonald's or KFC and go for a unique local dish, The Curryworst Speciaal!


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