The Merry Velodrome of Blankenberge

With around 70 bicycles, "De Lustige Velodroom" or the "The Merry Velodrome" has been an attraction for young and old on the beach of the Belgian coastal city of Blankenberg since 1933.

De Lustige Velodroom Blankenberge

For years this has been a popular thing to do for many holidaymakers on the coast, The attraction is located near the pier and consists of a wooden cycling track on which you can cycle around to your heart's content, not on regular bicycles, however, no that would be too easy, the so-called 'crazy' bicycles are adapted bicycles that can give your tour a completely different twist! Sometimes difficult to ride, but certainly a lot of fun!

Feel free to drop by and take your ride on the craziest bikes in the world. The attraction is also open to groups and companies who want to offer a unique activity to members of staff. More information can be found here.