The highest point of Belgium

The highest point in Belgium is the Signal de Botrange in the province of Liège. It is actually a small hill of 694 meters high but a staircase with a platform was built over it to get the point to 700 meters. It is not very special, but it is one of the fun things to do in Belgium when you are in the area.

Signal de Botrange

Signal Botrange lies in the nature reserve of the Hautes Fagnes. Two other high hills in the area are the baraque Michel (674m) and the baraque de Fraiture (652m). In the winter months, you can sometimes ski or cross-country ski in the area.

There is of course much more to discover in this area, the Ardennes! Beauty, nature at its best, interspersed with picturesque villages, cafes, restaurants with local products. The Ardennes also has a great history, ranging from knights and famous crusaders to legendary events during the first and second World Wars.