The cottage of Majutte

This authentic preserved and classified fisherman's house is located in the town of Blankenberge on the Belgian coast. It has been reopened to the public after 20 years of closure.

Het Huisje van Majutte

It's a place where you can take a leap in time where the city Blankenberge did not yet exist. It seems as if the city was built around it afterward. The rear facade of this house was originally immediately located in the dunes and facing the sea. The fishing boats were on the beach in front of the backdoor. They once lived here with a family of 14. Now it is a cozy museum café with dozens of objects on display that were donated by visitors, among others.

When you visit the house you will be welcomed with stories from the past and get an idea of the daily life at that time. The cottage offers many fun activities for young and old. An informative multilingual photo quest and a search for the 14 escaped mice!

A visit to the museum is free, the only requirement is that you have a drink in the cozy cafe. This cafe also specializes in exceptional local beers. You can find the Cottage museum at this address: Breydelstraat 10, Blankenberge.