The castle of Durbuy

Durbuy got its first fortified castle around 899. It was destroyed a century later and in the eleventh century Henri, I of Namur, and Count of Durbuy rebuild the castle. From the twelfth to the thirteenth-century Durbuy and its castle belonged to Jan, the count of Luxembourg and king of Bohemia, he integrated it into the defense system of the Counties of Luxembourg. In the fifteenth century, Durbuy, together with the entire county of Luxembourg, came into the hands of Philip the Good.

Picture by Pixabay

Much later, the d'Ursel family became the owner of the castle in 1756. In 1731 Conrad-Albert d'Ursel commissioned the construction of a new castle. In 1880 Countess Augusta van d 'Ursel has the castle modernized while giving the castle its current appearance. Despite the many renovations of the castle, and changes to the city, the location of the castle has remained unchanged. It is the same rock on which the castle rises, just like many centuries ago. This beautiful building is located along the Ourthe, after the old bridge at the entrance of the city of Durbuy.