Tower of Eben-Ezer

This one-man build tower is a must-see building in the province of Liège, Belgium. The tower is constructed in silex, flint that intrigues the visitor as soon as he gazes at the building. On the top of the tower, there are four gigantic statues. Those winged animals seem to be watching over the building and over you.
Picture by Pixabay

The builder, Robert Garcet, was fascinated with the Bible, numerology, and ancient civilizations. He build it in the 1960s in the middle of an uninhabited area that dominates the Geer Valley, this tower was made from large flints from the nearby mine.

The interior is full of Garcet’s biblical, archaeological, paleontological, and geological art. The seven floors construction ends in a terrace with corners, on which the large carved winged animals are marked. They look like attentive guards.

Picture by Pixabay

An educational space called the Le Musée du Silex (the Museum of Flint) takes the visitor on a tour of the history and use of the flint stone. Individual admission allows entrance to several levels of the tower and gardens, and a xeroxed informational guide, available in French, Dutch, and English.

You can find the tower at this Address: Haie de Wonck 9, Bassenge.

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