Rock Strangers of Ostend

This remarkable piece of art is made by Arne Quinze, a Belgian conceptual artist who is best known for his striking art installations in the street scene. The Rock Strangers consists of a dozen metal, bright orange-colored "rocks" from 2 to 11 meters high. The strange objects generate an effect on the urban environment and the architectural context. Their characteristic electric orange color contrasts sharply with the environment and underlines the alienating effect. The sculpture attracts people and raises questions: what happens when a strange object pops up in the familiar environment?

Picture by Pixabay

As the artist expected, there has been a lot of commotion in the city of Ostend about the location of these striking figures. Most of the local residents were of the opinion that they blocked their view of the sea. 'Rock Strangers' literally and figuratively put passers-by in front of the block. Are we willing to embrace the stranger or not? A judge ultimately had to decide that the artworks will stay where they are now.

Picture by Pixabay

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