The Dynasty Palace in Brussels

The Dynasty Palace is located at the foot of the Mont des Arts park in Brussels. It was built as part of the world exhibition in 1958, also called 'Expo 58' The building fits into a global urban plan by the architects Jules Gobert and Maurice Houyoux for the layout of a square between the Royal Palace and the lower city. The Dynasty Palace functioned as a reception room for official ceremonies during 'Expo 58', but remained largely unused in the decades that followed; only sporadically it is used for conferences, events, and exhibitions.

Picture by Pixabay

In 1964 the Dynasty Palace was provided with a carillon. A large golden wall clock adorns the rear fa├žade, with twelve figures from Belgian history and folk culture, 24 clocks, and a bronze figure that hits the hour. The carillon and the chimes were thoroughly renovated in 2015.

Picture by Pixabay

The Dynasty Palace is located at the foot of the Mont des Arts, opposite the Royal Library, next to the central station of Horta and Brunfaut.

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