The institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp

The ITG (ITM) was founded in Brussels in 1906 as a research center and school for tropical medicine. In 1933 the institute moved under the impulse of the later king Leopold III from Brussels to the center of Antwerp. The main reason was that it would be closer to the port of Antwerp, the at that time most important gateway to Africa. The new institute was named after the later king Leopold III: 'The Prince Leopold Institute of Tropical Medicine.

Picture by Harry Fabel

The building was designed by the architects 'Marcel Spittael' and 'Paul Le Bon' in a sober Art Deco style. In the front garden, there are some remarkable pieces of art and there is a unique water feature built into the facade next to the entrance.

Picture by Harry Fabel

Today the classified building is still used as an Institute of Tropical Medicine and it has a world-famous reputation doing so. It is also the number one STD and malaria treatment center in Belgium.

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