Castle Beukenhof in Kapellen

The castle was built in 1827 by Baron Van Haeften and was originally called the Court of Haeften. The later owner Antoine Berré changed the name to 'Castle Mastbeekhof'. The squire 'Johan van Vredenburch' who lived in the castle from 1920, gave it its final name: Castle Beukenhof. The original neoclassical-style castle was also adapted during that time. Later it was again modified between 1971-79 to fit the modern needs.

Picture by Harry Fabel

In 1974 the castle was used as a town hall, but it soon became too small for all municipal services so they moved those services to another location. However, the Beukenhof castle remained the official town hall and retained an exclusively ceremonial function. Currently, it is used for weddings, receptions, anniversaries, receptions, and other official occasions. The town council also meets on the first floor.

Picture by Harry Fabel

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