Castle the golden gate Ekeren

'Hof van Merten's or castle 'The golden gate' was built by 'Clement Mertens' in 1884, according to plans by architect Blomme. It is a brick building with a slate roof in neo-Flemish renaissance style.

Picture by Harry Fabel

The building was bought by the municipality of Ekeren in 1920 and served as a town hall from 1920 to 1930. In the portal of the eclectic mansion, you can find one of the four local war monuments remembering the First World War.

Picture by Harry Fabel

Later the castle became a peace court that was functional until 1970. In 1972 the building was used as a local police station. At the moment the castle is abandoned and for sale. The UNESCO protected building is waiting for a new owner and destination.

You can find the castle at this address: Veltwijcklaan 1, Ekeren, Antwerp.

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