Castle Den Brandt in Antwerp

The name Den Brandt is used for the first time in 1396 as a name for the piece of land where the castle was later built. Presumably, the name indicates a burned place, a former mining method, where pieces of hay and forest were burned and then transformed into agricultural land.

Picture by Harry Fabel

In the history of the domain, there is the first talk of a farm, later from a Speelhuys (a Playhouse) and around 1582 finally of a name The Court of Brande. The present castle was built in 1790 in a Louis XVI style. The first owner was 'C.A. Della Faille'. In 1910 the 'Kreglinger' family became the owner of the castle together with a 16 ha park surrounding it.  Another 48 ha part of the park was sold to the city of Antwerp to create a new park open to the public. On 18 December 1962, the city of Antwerp also became the official owner of the Kreglinger domain and the castle.

Picture by Harry Fabel

Today, the castle is used for all sorts of activities, such as seminars, shows, concerts, balls, festivals, and banquets.

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