The Stoclet Palace

The most perfect work of Austrian architect Josef Hoffmann is in the town of Sint-Pieters-Woluwe in the municipality of Brussels. The Stoclet Palace was built between 1905 and 1911 on behalf of the wealthy businessman Adolphe Stoclet. Because the budget was unrestricted, it is a magnificent building, both from the outside and inside.

Picture by Pixaby

The tower and facades made in smooth marble have a limited number of wall openings facing the street side, making the building look strict and closed. Nevertheless, the aesthetically highly refined interior spaces enjoy the light of the south side and additionally look at the carefully designed garden.

The most expensive building materials were used to make all dreams come true. Due to the fact that various artists like 'Fernand Khnopff' and Gustav Klimt have interfered with even the smallest details, the Stoclet Palace is still today a mastery in architecture and art. Since 2009, the Stoclet Palace is a UNESCO World Heritage List protected building.