The man with the hat in Knokke

In the coastal city of Knokke, you can find this remarkable piece of art by the Belgian artist Jean-Michel Folon (1934 – 2005).

Picture by Pixabay

The small statue is called La Mer, ce grand sculpteur or 'The Sea, the Great Sculptor. It proposes a man with a hat, sitting on the beach. The use of a hat is typical for Folon's work. Folon was inspired by the work of René Magritte. 'The man with the hat'. However, the character also looks a lot like 'Inspector Maigret' from the books of writer Georges Simenon.

Picture by Paxabay

The name of the work is inspired by the art essay of 'Marguerite Yourcenar', ''The Time, the Great Sculptor'. The location of the statue on a breakwater makes the character go underwater twice a day, resembling a drowning man. You can find the sculpture on the beach in Knokke.