Castle of Attre

Built in 1752, the castle is an 18th century, glorious building that is preserved in perfect condition. The sober, well-proportioned façades are raised in a pure, classicist style. The castle is flanked by two elegant residence pavilions in Louis XVI style.

The 17 hectare park contains a pillory, numerous monumental trees dating back to the time of Napoleon Bonaparte, an elegant bathing pavilion. There is also an artificial 24m high rock built between 1780 and 1788. On top of that rock there is Swiss mountain chalet.

The interior is done in a rococo and classicism style. Including a gorgeous staircase and salons full of precious furniture. The castle and is garden is open to the public, entrance is not free.

You can find the castle at this address: Avenue du Château 8, 7941 Attre

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