Nearly 80 percent of the world's billiard balls are made in Belgium

Belgium is the world's leading producer and exporter of billiard and snooker balls. The company Saluc, established in 1923, is located in Callenelle, Péruwelz in the Belgian province of Hainaut. 

Picture by Pixabay

Around 1960, the company started to specialize in billiard balls. The most widely used material is a phenolic resin. SA Saluc also produces other, more industrial balls for all kinds of purposes. Chances are that the ball inside your computer mouse is also made by Saluc.

The company is active in more than 85 countries, it also makes various types of bowling balls. Saluc has its own chemical plant to make the phenolic resin formula, which gives Aramith balls their characteristic high-gloss, rock-hard finish.