Monument of the fallen in Antwerp

The Monument to the fallen in Antwerp City Park is a tribute to the fallen soldiers of the First World War. It presents King Albert I as a rider with two groups of dying soldiers. The bronze statue was initiated in 1930 in the presence of King Albert I himself and his wife Queen Elisabeth. The monument got its current location in 1951, at the entrance of the city park. Before that, it was located in front of the National Bank building on the 'Frankrijklei'. The monument was designed by sculptor Edward Deckers. It was the winning design in a competition organized by the veterans association "Never forget" in 1922.

Picture by Harry Fabel

You can find it at this address: King Albert I-Monument, at the corner of the Van Eycklei and Rubenslei, Antwerp.

Pictures by Harry Fabel

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