Sint-Janshuis mill of Bruges

The 'Sint-Janshuismolen' (St. John's House Mill), also called ' De Bakkersmolen' (The Bakers Mill) was built in 1770 on the old city walls, the 'Kruisvest' on behalf of 26 Bruges bakers. The mill was later owned by various other miller families. The city of Bruges purchased the mill in 1914. Because of the interruption of the first World War, the first big renovation was done in 1964. Today the mill functions as a museum mill, together with 3 other mills standing on the Bruges city walls. The Sint-Janshuismolen is the only one still working.

So in total, there are 4 mills on the Bruges 'Kruisvest' The other ones are The Bonne-Chière mill, De Nieuwe Papegaai (The New Parrot), and the Koelewei mill. 

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