The castle of Reinhardstein

The castle was built in 1354 by Renaud de Waimes and was the home of many families: the Nesselrodes, the Nassau, and finally the counts of Metternich, who stayed at the castle for more than three centuries. During the French Revolution, the castle was completely destroyed.

The castle of Reinhardstein is located in the heart of what is now Ostbelgien, the German-speaking part of Belgium. It is settled on a protected and classified site of more than 120 ha. The black-brown schist castle stands on a rocky peak that overhangs a deep gorge, the Warche valley.

After 150 years of being destroyed and abandoned the Castle of Reinhardstein got its existence back in 1970 when it was completely renovated. Today, the Medieval Castle of Reinhardstein has its former glory back. The impressive halls, the rooms with authentic furniture, the armory, and the tapestry clearly reflect the taste of the last owner of the castle and provide a separate, warm, and sometimes extraordinary atmosphere.