Castle of Baron de Viron

In 1862 architect Jean-Pierre Cluysenaar (1811-1881) designed a castle for baron Théodore de Viron de Diéval. The castle was build in a neo-Tudor style, but it has a lot of influences from other architectural styles as well,  such as Romanesque and classical elements. The fairytale looking castle has a facade in red sandstone.

An interesting detail is that the castle has a hidden calendar: It's got 365 windows, 52 doors, 12 towers and seven steps. In 1923 the city of Dilbeek bought the castle of Baron de Viron. One a year later it opened its doors as the town hall of the city. The castle is surrounded by a beautiful park that is open to the public. The building is a protected property sinds 1990.

You can find the castle of Baron de Viron at this address: Gemeenteplein 1 Dilbeek.

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