Ostbelgien, the German speaking part of Belgium

Ostbelgien in the German-speaking part of Belgium. It's also called the roof of Belgium because of its altitude, up to 694 meters above sea level, making it the highest point of Belgium. In the region there is a community of 75,000 people, combining nine towns and dozens of small villages that connect Belgium’s eastern border with Germany, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

Picture by Paxabay

The 'Hohes Venn' or in French the 'Hautes Fagnes' nature reserve, the beautiful castle of Reinhardstein, the chocolate factory of Jacques in Eupen, the dams with their lakes... they are all part of the rich tourist offer Ostbelgien has to offer.

Picture by Pixabay

Of course, there is lots more to discover:  Explore it on foot or by bicycle. There are more than 2500 km marked hiking and biking trails running through picturesque villages and breathtaking landscapes.