Charles Van Depoele the inventor of the electric streetcar and much more

The Belgian inventor Charles Van Depoele lived and worked in the 19th century America, but Van Depoele was born as Carolus Josephus Vandepoele in Lichtervelde, a small town in Belgium. As an electrical engineer he designed more than 200 electrical devices and was the direct rival of Thomas Edison. He got patented for 249 inventions, including various electric devices like a railway systems, lights, generators, motors, current regulators, pumps, telpher systems, batteries, hammers, rock drills, brakes, a gearless locomotive, a coal-mining machine and a pile-driver.

His invention of the electric tram, streetcar and trolleybus made him world famous. Charles Van Depoele died very young, at the age of 48, just imagine what he could have invented more if he just had the time.

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