A piece of China in Antwerp

Antwerp has its own Chinatown, the Chinese district of Antwerp refers to several streets in the Atheneum district of the city. Especially the 'Van Wesenbekestraat' and the 'Van Arteveldestraat' are the center of the Chinese merchants in Antwerp. In the sixties these merchants opened all sorts of eateries focused on Chinese customers and locals looking for Chinese and Asian food.

With the introduction of the Sun Wah Supermarket in 1976 the Chinese culture became even more established in the neighborhood, making it the lively atmosphere it still is today. Today you can go to specialized Asian stores, cafes, restaurants, even hairdressers have their shops there now. Every year they celebrate the Chinese New Year with festivities open everyone that wishes to participate.

Recently the 'Van Wesenbekestraat' is landmarked with chinese marble lions to protect the neighborhood from bad spirits. Also a Chinese gate was build. This impressive gate was specially manufactured in China with typical architectural features.

You can find the Chinese district of Antwerp at this address: Van Wesenbekestraat, Antwerp.

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