A stairway to heaven

The Vlooybergtoren in Tielt-Winge a small town in the Belgian province of Vlaams Brabant has this remarkable art building. The building represents a metal staircase going up to the sky. The metal staircase is more than eleven meters high and 20 meters wide, giving you a breathtaking and unique view of the area around you. It's no wonder that the artwork made it to a must-visit tourist attraction in no time.

The tower was designed by the engineering firm Close To Bone from the nearby village of Langdorp. To make the construction strong enough, the designer had to calculate each element. The handrail walls serve as the main support beams to make the structure strong enough not to tip over or break, the walls are assisted by two vibration dampers. A concrete foundation provides the counterweight. The construction is completely prefabricated and build on location in half-day. At night the stairs are let up by solar power-driven blue lights.