The fort of Stabroek

The fort was built between 1902 and 1907. Together with the Fort of Sint-Katelijne-Waver, it was the first armored fortress of the so-called Antwerp forts. Its purpose was to protect the harbor of Antwerp in war times.

Picture by Harry Fabel

It is the first fort that had an anti-tank ditch. However, during the following two World Wars, the fort had no important role and was almost immediately occupied by the German army.  After the Second World War, the fort was demilitarized. In 1947 the building was abandon and it got into decay.

Picture by Harry Fabel

Nature got hold of the fort and its surroundings, making it a peaceful and beautiful small nature reserve. The fort building itself is still in good condition, the trenches around the fort are no longer visible to the naked eye, but are kept underground. The bunkers in the south of the fortress are still visible. The fort is now used for recreational activities such as wall climbing and paintball games.

Except for the recreational activities the fort is not open to the public. You can find it at this address: Abtsdreef, Stabroek, Belgium.