The Ravenhof castle in Stabroek

The Moretus and Ravenhof castle formerly belonged to Count Moretus, the famous Antwerp printer family. Today the domain is owned by a  Forestry Commission. It's a perfect place to get in contact with the beautiful nature of the area. It's a cross-border nature reserve because you can hike and bike along with both the Belgian and the Dutch sides of the reserve.

Picture by Harry Fabel

There are marked trails so you won't get lost. On your way, you can stroll along beautiful beech and oak trees that were planted in the 18th century. Here the paths are still quiet, especially on weekdays. After your hike or bike adventure, you can visit the Carriage House of the castle for a drink or meal. On sunny days the terrace is very quiet, far enough away from all the traffic. In the distance, you can see and discover the original Thee House of the castle.

The castle itself is now used as a meeting place for workshop organizations and is not always open to the public. The garden however is available for a romantic walk.