The old market square of Leuven

The old market square of Leuven is the best place to have a night out in the vibrant student city. that's why the students call it with its unofficial name the longest bar in the world.

The old market square used to be the only one in the city. The first markets were held in 1150, long before the new marked place was even built. That marketplace was built in the 15th century and became the city's official market square, so they changed the name of the other market square into an old marketplace. However, with its 174 meters long and 34 meters wide, the old marketplace is bigger than the new one.

In 1914, at the beginning of the First World War, the houses on the old market were completely burned down. They were restored after the war.

Central on the market square there is a statue of  De kotmadam, it was created in honor of the woman the took care of the students that stayed in their houses during their study period. The women rented a room in their house for the students to live and some service was included. Now the students mostly stay in student houses.