Quick is not Burger King, meet the Belgian Burger

Did you know that Belgium has the least Mcdonald's hamburger restaurants per inhabitant in the world? It's not that the Belgians don't like hamburgers American style, there is another reason why the hamburger giant can't get its dominant position (that it has almost all over the world) in Belgium.

In Belgium Mcdonald's has a big competitor, in a sense, because it's not another big international concern, but a relatively minor company that also has its own hamburger restaurants. The restaurants go by the name of "Quick" and you can only find them in Belgium and some parts of France.

Picture by Pixabay

What is so special about Quick? Well, people say it's the quality of the hamburger. In fact, the hamburgers look almost exactly like the ones in the pictures of the display ads selling them. All ingredients are fresh and the meat used is high-quality beef. I guess Mcdonald's can't beat that and through the years Quick became the haute cuisine of hamburger restaurants. A very hard-to-beat competitor in Belgium.

But like they say beautiful songs only last for a while and the competition these days is very hard, also for the haute cuisine hamburger restaurants like Quick. The company was sold to yet another big American hamburger concern, the self-proclaimed king of the hamburgers, the house of the Whopper, Burger King. Burger King didn't have any restaurants in Belgium and buying Quick was the perfect way to make a kingsize entrance. Was, because things turned out differently for Burger King.

The original plan was to change the name of the Quick Restaurant to Burger King and make it the home of the Whopper. But there was a problem. After marketing research Burger King found out that most of the customers Quick didn't want to change their beloved hamburger for a Whopper or any other kind of Burger King hamburger, also the research showed that the Quick hamburgers were good, really good. So Burger King decided to keep the Quick concept like it is, for now. New Burger King restaurants will be added separately.