Miniature Europe in Brussels

At the foot of the impressive Atomium, you can find Mini-Europe, a miniature park where you can travel all over Europe in just a few hours. Stroll by the most beautiful cities of the Old Continent and explore Big Ben in central London, floating with a gondola in Venice with the sound of mandolins. Follow the Thalys from Paris to the other end of France.

Picture by Pixabay

Bring animation and actions to life yourself. Erupt the Vesuvius in Italy, witness the fall of the Berlin Wall, take part in a bullfight in Seville, and many more things and places for you to discover. A total of 350 monuments and places of unparalleled quality only a footstep away. Made by artists from all over the world in the finest details. On to the end of your journey, you can visit the "Spirit of Europe", an interactive exhibition with multimedia games about the European Union.

Picture by Pixabay

Bring out the giant in you and discover Europe in airview, right from the heart of Europe itself, Brussels. You can find the park at this address: Bruparck, Avenue de l’Imp√©ratrice Charlotte, Keizerin Charlottelaan, Laeken, Brussels.

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