The gardens of Annevoie

The Annevoie Gardens (jardins d'annevoie) in the province of Namur are the only water gardens in Belgium and are among the finest in Europe.

Discover the water gardens of the 18th century where their natural charm stands in the foreground. The gardens are beautiful in any season and are among the important heritage of Wallonia. Be enchanted by the water gardens with an endless walk along dozens of waterfalls and fountains, pools, ponds and stately trees in beautiful symmetrical rows.

The castle in the middle of the gardens was owned by the families Halloy and Montpellier and was built in several phases. The facade on the garden side shows the different construction eras since 1627. The castle complex makes a slight curve like the Rouillon valley, where the gardens of the castle are located. The castle is not open to the public.

The Gardens of Annevoie are known for their aesthetic, historic and cultural value, and combine in a tasteful way, the magic of water and the purity of a stylish garden. They were built in 1758 by Charles-Alexis de Montpellier, they unite French strictness with English imagination and Italian charm.

In the Gardens of Annevoie you will discover new landscapes again and again: the wonderful prospects of French gardens, the imagination of the English style and the intimate charm of the Italian style. You will be continuously surprised by fountains and water features that form a wonderful spectacle No pumps are used to let the water flow into the different arias of the garden.

You can find the gardens at this address:  Rue des Jardins d'Annevoie 37, Annevoie.

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