From a chocolate pavilion to dance temple

Ever purchased a complete building and took it somewhere else? It is possible and it all started with chocolate. Meet the international dance club Carré. For the story, we have to go back in time, about 60 years ago. The Belgian chocolate company "Côte d'Or" had a pavilion built on the world fair "Expo 58 in Brussels" It was the perfect place to promote their famous chocolate products. The 2-floor building was a popular must-visit during the exhibition. It was also a very imported building for the Belgian chocolate industry. That industry was only at the start of its big international breakthrough. It all went fine and "Côte d'Or" was very proud of the world's fair results and Belgian chocolate went international.

After the Expo, the company had no more use for the building and they had the plan to sell it. Because the Côte d'Or house was on a temporary made location only for the exhibition, the building needed to be demolished and then sold. That wasn't really a problem because the building was in fact a prefab building in the first place. So what was done could easily be undone and then be done again. Luckily the company found a crazy enough buyer.

So the Côte d'Or house was rebuilt alongside the A12 motorway between Brussels and Antwerp, about 30 kilometers away from its original location. "Côte d'Or" became "Castel" and it opened as roadcafé. The new owner organized lots of shows with big band performances. International stars like Adamo, Dave Berry, Trini Lopez, Petula Clark, and many more came to perform. In 1991, when the dance music and DJs were getting famous, "Castel" became a dance club and changed its name to "Carré".

Now Carré has an average of 240 opening nights a year, 4 fixed nights a week, 1 monthly VIP evening, and dozens of corporate parties. From the Carré, there are sometimes live TV broadcast shows and international Dj's come and perform.