The fairy-tale house in Antwerp

Deep in the woods, or shall we say the "Rivierenhof" park in the Antwerp district of "Deurne", there is a fairytale house. It's a place where world famous fairy tales are told, sometimes with the litle help of local actors or storytellers who will bring a child's fantasy, and yours to life while you are in this cuddly mysterious place in Antwerp's biggest park.

You can find the fairy tale house on the main promenade, near the castle Rivierenhof. Given the limited space, only up to 25 listeners are allowed into the house. The stories are told in Dutch and there is a small commision to pay if you want to participate in the storytelling. Most of the storytelling is done on Sunday afternoon. Of Course the entrance of the park is free and worthwhile to visit when you are in the neighbourhood.

The fairy tale house was once a servants house for the nearby "Rivierenhof" castle. Both can be visited together with the beautiful park surrounding them. There is also a open air theater, a rose garden, a pond and a children's farm located in the park.

You can find the park and its buildings on this address: Turnhoutsebaan 232, Deurne, Antwerp.

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