Visit Ghent!

Ghent is one of the beautiful cities to visit in Belgium. Less busy than Antwerp and less an open-air museum than Bruges. Ghent is a charming city where the former wealth of the Middle Ages is still clearly visible in the city center. It is not without reason that Ghent is popular among tourists as a destination for a day or even for a few days. Visitors mainly come to the many cultural-historical buildings, museums and the atmospheric nightlife.

Together with the other inland waterways, the river Leie offers beautiful atmospheric pictures in Ghent. The most popular part is where the "Graslei" and "Korenlei" lie on the water. Here are a number of beautiful buildings, some of which date back to the Middle Ages. Various tour boats also depart from both slates. In pleasant weather, the terraces, particularly on the Graslei, are busy. Locals and tourists also like to sit on the stone edges on and around the water. Especially in the summer months it is very atmospheric…

The cathedral of Ghent

The church was originally a parish church dedicated to John the Baptist. In 942, Transmar, the bishop of Tournai, inaugurated the church as St. John's Church.
The predecessor of the current cathedral was a Romanesque church from the 12th century. The crypt of this remains. The Romanesque church was gradually replaced by the current one. The construction took place in three phases. The choir was first renovated in the early 14th century. The influence of Northern French Gothic and the Scheldt Gothic can be seen here.

The ambulatory and the chapels date from the beginning of the 15th century. During the second construction phase, from 1462 to 1538, the 89-meter-high western tower was erected in the style of Brabant Gothic, with sand-lime bricks from the Dilbeek brickwork. The third phase began in 1533: the construction of the ship. Later additions were made in Renaissance, Baroque and Classicist style.
The tower of St Bavo's Cathedral is one of the three in the row of Ghent, to…