An unknown gem in Antwerp: a historic building from the 16th century

The Brantijser on Sint-Jacobsmarkt is unknown to many people. The University of Antwerp wants to change this by making the historic building accessible to the public.

Pictures courtesy of The University of Antwerp

The roots of the Brantijser lie in the 16th century. One Dirk de Moeleneer had a complex built at Sint-Jacobsmarkt 13 inspired by the Italian Renaissance style.

Not everything from that time has been preserved. For example, one of the chimneys was moved to the town hall in the 19th century, where it is still part of the mayor's office.

Visitors can now learn about the history of the building through a number of information boards. Over the centuries, the building has had several uses. In the 18th century, for example, it was in the hands of Premonstratensians from Tongerlo Abbey. Under French rule, a military hospital was first established, after which the gendarmerie found a home base there.

Afterward, the property came into the hands of the city of Antwerp. Between 1885 and 1968, the conservatory was housed there. For a while, the complex also served as a city warehouse.

In 1988, the University of Antwerp became the new owner and the Antwerp Management School settled there. When it moved a few years ago, the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy took up residence there. The entire building is now open to the public. Where the history of the building and the special architecture are presented.