The history of Manneken Pis in Brussels

The story of the Manneken Pis, a small bronze statue of a urinating boy located in the center of Brussels, is a long and interesting one.

According to legend, the Manneken Pis was created in the early 1500s to honor a young boy named Julian who, during a battle, put out a fire by urinating on it. The statue was created to commemorate this heroic act and became a symbol of the bravery and spirit of the people of Brussels.

Over the years, the Manneken Pis has become a beloved and iconic symbol of the city of Brussels. It has become a popular tourist attraction, with people from all over the world coming to see the statue and take pictures with it.

Picture by Pixabay

In addition to its fame as a tourist attraction, the Manneken Pis has also become known for its many different outfits and costumes. The statue has a large collection of clothing and accessories that it wears on different occasions, including traditional Belgian costumes, military uniforms, and even superhero outfits.

Despite its small size, the Manneken Pis has had a big impact on the city of Brussels and has become an important part of its cultural identity. It is a beloved symbol of the city's history and spirit, and it continues to be a popular and enduring attraction for both locals and visitors alike.