How a historical building in Antwerp got completely desecrated

Het Steen is one of the oldest buildings in the historic center of the city of Antwerp. Over the centuries it has been renovated and adapted many times, especially in the last century, to make it more accessible for tourists visiting the city. But the latest renovation beats every imagination.

Picture by Pixabay

The city council and a specially designated architectural firm have decided to build an ugly and cheap building next to it that should serve as a tourist reception center and as a mooring building for cruise ships. The design was done by the Bruges-Brussels architectural firm NoAarchitecten.

The front of the Het Steen castle

You can see on the picture that the concept of the newly added depressed gray building completely misses its purpose and certainly offers no added value to the uniqueness of the legendary building. It is also not very inviting to visit the old castle, or what is left of it. Most residents of the city, therefore, speak of a disgrace and a missed opportunity to give the building a dignified future that they can be proud of themselves.

If you are planning to visit the city of Antwerp you will certainly get the chance to see or visit the building, keep in mind that bad architecture is also a form of architecture. The city of Antwerp already has built a particularly special new courthouse that, together with Het Steen, can be put on the list of the ugliest buildings of the city Antwerp.

The new courthouse of Antwerp