Paschka, typically Belgian

What is Paschka you might ask? Paschka is a combination of fresh cheese with fruit or Belgian chocolate. The inventor of the Paschka spread, Vic Van den Putte made his unique product in his cheese shop in Antwerp, 50 years ago. Today the Paschka factory is located in the town of Olen. It is produced nowhere else in the world.

Picture courtesy of Paschka

It is very delicious to spread Paschka on your bread or sandwich, but you can do a lot more with this delicacy. Paschka on your pancake, a delicious milkshake with Paschka or use your favorite Paschka in a dessert! The Paschka spread is available in eight different flavors, so there is certainly something for everyone. Those who like a fruity taste can choose between Paschka Banana, Candied fruit, Pineapple, or Strawberry. For sweet and chocoholics, Paschka Chocolate, Straciatella, Praliné, and Speculoos are also available.


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