Napoleon's last headquarters

The farm of Caillou was Napoleon's last headquarters. It is located in Vieux-Genappe, about 5 kilometers from Waterloo. It is the only Napoleonic museum in Belgium. The museum comprises four rooms with paintings, engravings, and weapons from the 19th century. You can also see the emperor's camp bed, the skeleton of a French hussar, and Napoleon's death mask.

Picture courtesy of the museum

It is here that Napoleon prepared his plans for his attack in Waterloo on the night of 17 June 1815. The farm was set on fire by the Prussian army after the battle at the time but was then renovated by the owner. In the ossuary in the garden are the bones that were collected from the battlefield. Inside the museum, you can use a video guide system that gives you a realistic picture of the soldiers, the impressions, and the atrocities of the Battle of Waterloo. More information about the farm and its museum can be found here