Belgian cheese in space

American astronaut Shannon Walker, who is working on the International Space Station, has ordered cheese from a Belgian farm to take with her into space. The farm is located in the West Flemish town of Rumbeke. She was introduced to the cheese in a Houston store during her training as an astronaut. Farm 't Groendal in Rumbeke is very proud of its unique order. It is really nice to hear that our cheese will be eaten in space.

Shannon Walker - Picture courtesy of ESA

At first, the makers doubted whether this was real, but the astronauts in the ISS are apparently allowed to draw up a wish list. And one of these cheeses was on it. NASA then contacted that store in Houston where the astronaut is a customer. She turns out to be fond of the cheeses OG Kristal and Old Farmdale from the Belgian farm, they are variants of the Brokkeloud Roeselare and the Oud Roeselare that are specially made for the American market.

Cheese from 't Groendal Rumbeke

The store sent a block of one kilo, with which they could first test samples for safety. The cheese is certainly not delivered in a tube but in its original form. More information about the cheesemakers can be found here