Typical Belgian dishes

Beef stew

One of the most famous dishes in Belgium is a stew that is fried in beer. A sauce of bread, flour, and mustard is also added to this. Of course, the stew is served with the world-famous Belgian and not French fries!

Picture by Harry Fabel


Another typical Belgian dish is vol-au-vent. You come across this dish mainly in Flanders, which consists of puff pastry filled with a warm mix of chicken, mushrooms, and cream. Also with Belgian fries!

Eel in green sauce

Another typical Belgian delicacy is 'Paling in ‘t groen' or eel in green sauce. As the name suggests, this dish consists of eel with a green sauce. The sauce consists of various herbs, such as parsley, cherry, and basil. You will find this dish mainly in Flemish Belgium. If you like an eel, you should of course not skip this. And you guessed it, also with real Belgian fries of course.

Picture by Pixabay

Shrimp croquettes

Belgian shrimp croquettes are also world-famous. They are often eaten as a starter, in combination with a salad, or simply as a snack in between. The croquettes are nice and creamy and you should definitely try them.