Brussels capitol of comic books

Brussels is known as the home of the “comic strips,” The comic book culture in the capital of Belgium has roots going back even further than many American comic books, and a wide number of genre and independent comics have flourished in contrast to the many American superhero booms.

Picture by Pixabay

Many of these comic books have become cultural institutions and their creators such as HergĂ© and Dupuy and Berberian have become internationally known figures. Starting in 1991, the large paintings of such famous European comic characters as Asterix, Tintin, and many others appeared in the city. Each of the works high above the streets below creating scenes with backgrounds and little pieces of implied action while others are simply character portraits.

There are currently over 50 murals in the historical center of Brussels and even more of the works have also started appearing in nearby districts.

A map of the comic strip tour is available at the tourist information centers.


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