The biggest cigar in the world

The Pipe and Tobacco Museum in the city of Sint-Niklaas, Belgium has the largest cigar in the world. With a length of 6.43 meters, a diameter of 47 centimeters, and a weight of 400 kilograms, this is truly the most impressive cigar you can encounter.

Pipe and Tobacco Museum Sint Niklaas

This fine example of cigar craftsmanship was realized by the Onkerzeelse Butter Milk Guild, an organization near the town of Geraardsbergen, which set to work together with 93 families and former cigar makers. The result is simply gigantic. It took between 340 and 350 hours to produce the cigar.

The cigar is 100 percent tobacco. But there was no way to keep the cigar in their town for a long time. So in 1996, the cigar was brought into the Pipe and Tobacco Museum by 12 strong men, where it is still on public display today. In the museum, you will also find a nice additional collection of tobacco jars, water pipes, and smoking curios.


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