The parking sensors, a Belgian invention

How things can turn out badly for one and thankful for others is the topic of this next story. It's all about something everybody uses these days. Parking sensors!

Picture by Pixabay

In 1987, the Belgian Rudy Beckers invented the parking sensors that are now used in cars all over the world. He had done the invention so that his wife would no longer have to get out of the car to give directions while parking. His wife and the rest of the world are still grateful to him and his ingenious invention. He took a patent on it and was officially recognized as the inventor in 1988.

From then on he had to pay 1,000 Belgian francs annually, which is now about 25 euros to keep the exclusive right and the possibility to sell his invention later... But at one point he forgot to pay, so others could use the patent free of charge. Rudy earned nothing from his invention, but he will remain known as the inventor of the parking sensors.