The unlucky logo of Brussels Airlines

That superstition is still important to many people is shown by the following somewhat strange story. The logo of the Belgian airline company Brussels Airlines (BA) initially consisted of thirteen spheres that together wrote the letter B in the air, as it were, the B for Belgium and Brussels. When it turned out that this is an unlucky number for many, the design was changed to fourteen spheres.

Picture by Brussels Airlines

But that now appears to be unlucky in Chinese culture. Brussels Airlines' Chinese Coachair partner, Hainan, pointed out to the Belgian airline company that fourteen is an unlucky number for the Chinese. Still, nothing is going to be changed in the logo. "We have a beautiful design, we are proud of it and we will keep it that way", says Katrien Scholaert, Brussels Airlines communication service employee. "It is difficult to do good for all people and cultures" she added.

So the fourteen spheres continue to adorn the planes. Only one airplane already carried the logo with the thirteen spheres. That was repainted. The other airplanes immediately got the new logo with fourteen spheres. End of the discussion. By the way, what is an unlucky number in your country?

If you don't mind the number of spheres in a logo and book a good flight you can find the Brussels Airlines site here.