The For Freedom Museum in Knokke-Heist

The For Freedom Museum portrays the gloomy times of the Second World War vibrantly and realistically. This black period in history is the main theme of the museum. The building in which the museum is located is the former municipal school of the Ramskapelle district together with the associated town hall from 1876 and was restored between 2005 and 2007.

The founders of the museum are Brothers Danny and Freddy Jones, sons of the late Dennis Jones, a British Normandy veteran from Crewe / Cheshire (UK) who married a girl from Knokke-Heist in 1947. The museum was founded in his honor. Both sons were taught the history of the Second World War from an early age. The military uniform that Jones wore during his marriage was therefore the very first uniform in their collection. Each doll in the museum has a personal story. Many Canadian families donated uniforms from their beloved husbands or fathers to the project.

The For Freedom Museum

Now the museum houses three impressive collections. Patrick Tierssoone and Freddy Jones, two old school friends with a passion for history, provided their unique collections of original vehicles and uniforms. The Belgian Aviation History Association, a recognized association of aviation archaeologists, is the third partner with an impressive exhibition of excavated aircraft remains.